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'metal variable area flow meters'
Model no: DIGITAL METAL TUBE ROTAMETER (SERIES-JB-DMTR-210) Digital Metal Tube Rotameters are all metal variable area flow meters designed to measure flow rate of liquids and gases under critical conditions. It consist of a tapered metal tube with float and Digital indicating assembly. A magnet encapsulated in float couples with static sensors located in an indicating circuit. Thus the movement of the float is accurately indicated in terms of flow rate. Available Sizes in SS 316 / SS 316L / SS 304 / SS 304L / PP and PTFE construction with flanged connections in line size from 20 NB to 100 NB Ranges : • 100 to 60.000 LPH of water at ambient temperature. • 2.5 to 1700 Nm³/hr of air at NTP. Accuracy : ±2% of FSD & ± 1.5% FSD on request. Accessories : • High & Low Flow Alarm. • Heating Jacket for metering section. • Electrical transmitter with 4-20mA output temperature. • 2.5 to 1700 Nm³/hr of air at NTP.
Model no: BY PASS ROTAMETER (SERIES-JB-BPR-205) Suitable for measuring flow rates in 50 NB & above pipeline. Available in a variety of materials, carrier rings, impulse piping and rotameter as flow indicator. Design Standard conforms to ISO 5167/BS 1042. Available Sizes: 50NB to 450NB Ranges: • 22 to 800 M³/hr of water. • 0.1 to 300 Nm3/hr of air at NTP. Accuracy: ± 2% of FSD. Accessories: • Isolating Valves. • High & Low Flow Alarms. • with 4-20 mA two wire transmitter • Digital totaliser • orifice assembling along with dp trasmeter
Macnaught DM100 Flow Meter DM150 Flow Meter plus Filter The DM100 has been designed to measure diesel, kerosene and petrol, and is made from corrosion resistant aluminium with easy to read mechanical register. Features • oval gear design • low pressure drop allows for gravity and pump (in-line) applications • register cap can be easily removed and rotated to every 90° orientation for display reading • supplied with integrated mesh strainer • available in Litre, US Gal, UK Gal calibration • 5 year warranty • 10 year parts availability Specifications • wetted components:aluminium, zinc plated carbon steel, PEI Resin, viton • Accuracy: ±1% of reading • Flow range: 3 - 80 L/min (0.8 - 21 US gal/min) • Maximum Pressure:1000 kPa (145 psi, 10 bar) • register – totaliser : 0 – 999, 999 L (gal) • register – reset: 0 – 999.9 L (gal) • max. temp: 80°C (176° F) • inlet thread: 1” BSPT, 1” BSPPL(G) or 1” NPT female • outlet thread: 1” BSPT, 1” BSPPL(G) or 1” NPT female • weight: 1.2 kg (2.6 lbs) Accessories • DF Connector Kit – DM100 to GE12/24 Diesel pumps • HA1S Filter • DH Connector Kit - HP Pump • DG Connector Kit - GP Pump • DV Connector Kit - PVR/RB Pumps
Bi-Metallic Temperature Gauges Nominal Size (mm) 40, 50, 63, 80, 100, 150 Scale RangeºC Accuracy in FSD 1% Thread Connection 3/8", 1/2", BSP and NPT Mounting of Gauge Bottom, Back, Surface, Panel Case and Bezel Drawn steel and SS 304 Pressure Elements Bimetal helix Diaphragm Nil Wetted Parts SS304 and SS 316 Application Chemical and Petrochemical, Plastic and paper, Air conditioning and food and beverages Optional Thermowell
Infrared Portable Thermometers Infrared Thermometer measure the surface temperature of an object. It's optics sense emitted, reflacted and transmitted energy, which is collected & focused on a detector. It's electronics translate information into a temperature reading which is displayed on the unit. We offer RAYTEK.usa, OPTEX & GRILLO.japan, make portable handheld type, mounting type & specialised sensors for online temperature measurement. IR Thermometers are used to measure temperature from -30ºC to 3000ºC.